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In a double grave near the chapel there are eight members of the Stap family.  They include Captain Henry Stap and his daughter Sarah Agnes, who was born at sea in the Indian Ocean on board her father's ship, the Mystery, in 1864.  Sarah spent her working life at sea as a stewardess.  She sailed on the maiden voyages of several White Star liners and survived the Titanic disaster, before continuing her sea-going career on many ships until she retired in the 1930s.  She never married.  Her father was master of ss Great Britain on her last voyage, when she went aground in the Falkland Islands.

The Stap family lived in Wallasey for many years, but following Mrs Stap's death in 1903 the family moved to Birkenhead.  However, as each one died they were buried with Mrs Stap, in the double grave. In the end, Mrs Stap was joined by her husband, their three daughters, two sons and a son-in-law.

Until recently, all there was to mark these two graves was a single headstone with the word STAP on it.  But Allen Roberts, owner of  the monumental sculptors E.F. Mackie & Co. very kindly donated and installed a second headstone, alongside the original one, to commemorate Captain Stap and his daughter Sarah Agnes.  Pictured below is the original headstone and the Friends of Rake Lane Cemetery with Allen celebrating the installation of the new headstone in January, 2014.